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U.S. Stocks

The capital market in the USA is considered to be the most important global indicator. Stock exchanges in other countries continue to monitor the developments in the USA and are fundamentally affected by changes on the US markets. American stock exchanges have the highest liquidity and feature the stocks of the most important companies; they also have the largest number of investors and create new investment opportunities continuously. Currently a number of changes are on going on the US markets including the merging of markets and trading system innovations.

Structure of fees in the USA

Thanks to the heavy competition between the individual stock exchanges and brokerages that are active in the USA, securities trading fees are very reasonable. Fees for completing trades in the USA depend on where the investor places its electronic order, either using an online application (the best) or over the telephone or in person at a Fio branch.

Fio provides on-line access to the American NYSE Euronext (NYSE NYSE Amex, NYSE Liff), NASDAQ, OTC BB and Pink Sheet stock exchanges.

Fees in the US are derived from:

  • The way an order is placed
  • The volume of the trade
  • Fees for the supervisory body
  • Explicit ECN selection
  • You can find the complete Pricelist for services here


SEC (Security Exchange Commission) and NASD (Trading Activity Fee) fees are charged for sales of securities and their amount depends on the volume of the trade (exact amount can be found "in the attached Pricelist for basic services", Point (C), Securities in the USA).

The ECN (Electronic Communication Network) fee is charged when an investor explicitly selects the ECN on which its order is explicitly directed (exact amount can be found "Pricelist for basic services" Point (C) Securities markets in the USA).

Example fee calculation

Below you can find examples of securities trading fees on the off-exchange market OTC (Over-The-Counter), and regulated markets in the United States.

Other specifics of the American market include the fact that a symbolic fee is used when selling shares to finance operations of the SEC (the market regulator in the USA) and NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers).

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