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More about Futures

Futures are a special type of forward contract. A forward contract is concluded at one moment in time for the delivery of a commodity at some point in the future for a price defined at contract closing. Futures are forward contracts traded on derivatives exchanges:

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange,
  • New York Futures Exchange

Contractual conditions for individual contracts are standardized and follow the rules of the given exchange. Such a contract is a fixed agreement between two partners who have the right and obligation to buy/sell a quantity of the given financial instrument at a specific moment in the future with and agreed-in-advance term price.

Futures specifications
Contract sizeStandardized
CollateralIn the form of an additional margin
Contract liquidation before maturityCompensating contract (closing opposite position before maturity)
Contract conditionsStandardized
Delivery dateStandardized
MarketPublic - futures exchange
FeesStandard broker and market fees, no entry, exit or management fees are charged.
Daily valuation of futuresYes (mark - to - market)
DeliveryNormally agreed as a compensating contract before maturity
Price limitsThe exchange can set a daily price limit and maximum number of open positions.

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