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How to start trading

Online securities trading is becoming a more favored form of investing. The program allows for immediate control over your funds and if needed in a matter of seconds you can buy or sell stocks and other securities.

  • Try investing using the e-Broker demo version.
  • If you want more information about investing, take advantage of free educational seminars.
  • Become a client and get the e-Broker application which allows you to reach the global stock exchanges
  • At the start, you should define an investment horizon (the length of an investment).
  • Select the best investment strategy matching your goals and the time you period during which you want to invest.
  • Select a suitable portfolio and define your investment goals. You may be inspired by the sample portfolio and analysis from Fio.
  • Then wait for the best opportunity and purchase the securities you have selected. Buying or selling stocks is a matter of a few moments.
  • Monitor stock prices and news a Fio broker will as well.
  • Contact a broker in the event of any issues at your branch.


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