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e-Broker Demo Securities Account

Are you still thinking about how to start investing? Would you like to learn how online investing works and then to find out just how successfully you can earn returns on your money? Test out the e-Broker internet application risk-free with our free trial. Your demo account will be created after completing a short registration form located on the page below.

Try the e-Broker demo for free!

  • Login access and instructions will be sent to your email.
  • You will receive a password in SMS format to your mobile phone.
  • The account will be functional for a period of 30 days.
  • The demo account can be used to try all functions with the exception of real buy and sell orders with various parameters.
  • The demo version can be used to enter fictive "Market" orders (e.g. orders without Limit Prices) to manage your test portfolio and to buy and sell stocks as you want.

Set up an e-Broker demo account::

By registering for the e-Broker application demo version, you provide your consent to receive offers from Fio o.c.p., a.s. for services at the email address you have shown above. Our company considers the information you provide to be confidential.


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